FACS Information

Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) criteria (produced by the Department of Health, 2003) provides councils with the framework for setting eligibility for adult social care services.

The framework is based on individuals' needs and risks to independence were services not provided.

Four eligibility bands are set out - 'critical', 'substantial', 'moderate' and 'low'. These are as follows:

  • Critical - there is an immediate risk of you coming to harm or losing your independence
  • Substantial - there is a significant risk of your health and wellbeing being affected
  • Moderate - there is some risk to your health or wellbeing, in the future, or that you might lose your independence
  • Low - one or two aspects of your daily life are hard for you to manage

The bands include criteria relating to:

  • threat to life
  • significant health problems
  • serious abuse or neglect
  • choice and control over the immediate environment
  • personal care and domestic routines
  • work, education and learning
  • social support systems and relationships
  • family and other social roles and responsibilities

Not all of these criteria apply to each band.  For example, 'threat to life' and 'significant health problems' relate only to the 'critical' band.

The Eligibility questionnaire below will help you to understand which band you are.  The questionnaire is only a guide and you should contact the Adult Social Care Department for a full Assessment.

If your assessment shows that you are either Critical or Substantial it is likely that you will be entitled to support. However, this can only be assessed once a full financial assessment has been carried out.