PHB Holder

Log on as a PHB Holder if you are the patient, the patient’s representative or have been granted proxy access to manage the PHB Holder’s account. This will allow you to purchase goods and services and manage the budget held within the PHBChoices e-Marketplace.

If you do not have a user name or password please send an email to [email protected] with your postcode. The team will then contact your local CCG on your behalf to notify them of your interest.


Log on as a Supplier if you are a registered Supplier on the PHBChoices e-Marketplace. This will allow you to update your product or service details and receive orders and enquires from PHB Holders.

Your supplier registered information in the NHS Choices e-marketplace will only be updated in this location, any other NHS organisation systems that hold your information will not be updated. Please continue to request updates to your register data in those systems as you do currently.

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