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      Swash® Perineum Bathing Gloves-8 pack Fragrance-Free

          The Swash® Perineum Bathing Glove is an easy, no rinse, no mess, 3-in-1 bathing solution for care recipients requiring perineum care due to urine or faecal incontinence.  The glove contains a special cleansing lotion containing 3% dimethicone, to clean, nourish, and protect the skin. If not care for properly, the perineum area is a very sensitive area of the body and can be prone to Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD), also known as moisture lesions. Swash® Perineum Bathing Gloves are clinically proven to prevent moisture lesions and heal existing moisture lesions due to incontinence within 3 days. The glove is based on spunlace technology that provides a light relief which gives a pleasant feeling on the skin. Even hard and/or grainy faeces can be easily removed. 

          • Cleaning and caring ingredients
          • Helps prevent IAD and helps to quickly heal existing moisture lesions
          • Easy 3-in-1 Perineum Care Solution for urine and faecal incontinence
          • Preservative system based on multifunctionals 
          • 3% dimethicone oil to protect the skin
          • No Rinse
          • No Mess
          • Fragrance-free 
          • Alcohol, latex, and paraben-free
          • pH skin-neutral
          • Dermatologically tested
          • 22 x 14 cm​​

          Available types:   Fragrance-free, 4 pack or Fragrance-free, 8 pack