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      Volker 3080 Assistive Side Rail Adjustable Bed

          Increasing feelings of independence is a crucial way of helping people regain their dignity and self-esteem which is why every element of the Volker 3080 has been designed to ensure ease of use and provide a sense of security. It’s fully height-adjustable making life easier for both users and carers while the four-section profiling MIS® lying surface ensures users can make themselves comfortable whether sitting up or lying down. The bed can also be easily and quickly converted into a comfort chair position and the convenient handset means users can be fully in control of all bed functions.

          The patented two-part side rails, which can be hidden when not in use, provide welcome security; a real asset for helping people get in and out of bed but ensuring users don’t feel “trapped”.

          The Volker 3080 boasts a stylish design and the hidden retractable wheels and choice of colours mean it looks great in the home, as well as in professional care environments. This is a high quality, robustly-built and precision-engineered bed that will stand the test of time. Our acclaimed support service is available 365 days a year ensuring that professional advice is always just a phone call away.

          MiS lying surface as standard

          Enjoy more comfort AND better sleep. All Völker beds are equipped as standard with the Völker’s trademarked Microstimulation System, which supports pressure-ulcer prevention in line with the neuronal stimulation principle. The Völker MiS® registers even very minimal movements and returns them to the body as “tactile stimuli”. This constant feedback results in better body perception and promotes own movement as well as microcirculation.

          BaKare is a trusted and reliable partner with decades of experience and expertise, a dedication to providing customers with genuine solutions that really meet their needs, and an unrivalled reputation as a truly caring and conscientious company.