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      SureSafe iSOS Elderly Alarm - 1 Pendant/Wristband & Speaker

          The SureSafe Alarms iSOS is a simple personal alarm designed to allow the elderly/infirm to maintain independent living – safer and for longer.

          With no monthly fees or contracts, the user simply presses the alarm pendant/wristwatch button and the alarm will call up to 5 numbers and send an emergency text message to up to 5 mobile numbers.

          This model comes with a speaker that allows 2-way communication when an emergency call is answered.

          Not fooled by voicemail or no answer, the alarm continuously calls until acknowledged by a real human.

          The alarm comes with 1 x waterproof pendant that has a range of up to 80m (typically between 20m – 40m in an average home). It can also be worn as a wristwatch.

          The SureSafe iSOS uses a mobile phone SIM card and does not require a landline telephone. Can be taken ANYWHERE and it will work – you only need mobile phone signal. It can use most pay-as-you-go and contract mobile phone SIM cards (not the 3 network though). £10 credit should last many months. SIM card not provided.

          Alarm has a built-in battery back-up on case of power outage.

          False alarms can be cancelled by pressing the SOS button on the main unit or the call recipient entering 2# on their keypad when answering.

          A warning message is sent to the emergency contacts in the event of mains power failure.

          Easy to program via text message or using any telephone. Simple ‘plain English’ quick-start instructions included.

          Small, discreet & stylish design 120mm x 90mm x 25mm.

          Package includes:
          1 x SureSafe iSOS Alarm Unit
          1 x Panic Button Pendant (can be worn as a wristwatch)
          1 x Speaker (for 2-way communication)
          1 x 240V AC to 12 V DC Power Supply
          1 x User Manual & Quick-Start Guide

          Optional Extras:

          • Additional wristwatch/necklace pendant alarm buttons
          • Speaker for 2-way voice communication
          • Smoke/Heat alarm that sends emergency messages when activated
          • Wall mounted emergency buttons for around the house e.g bathroom, foot of the stairs, front door (for bogus callers)

          Technical Specifications:

          • Static current: 30mA.
          • Power: 12V DC 1.2A.
          • Backup Battery: 7.4V 500mAh.
          • Working temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C
          • Working humidity: 90%
          • GSM: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz - works in UK, Europe, USA & Asia.
          • Frequency: 433 +/- 0.5 Mhz.
          • Wireless distance: 80m max. Typical 10 – 50m depending on environmental circumstances.
          • Wireless buttons: Max 30.
          • Width x Depth x Height approx. (cm) = 9 x 2.5 x 11.5

          NOTE: The SureSafe iSOS takes a standard SIM card size – either pay-as-you-go or a basic contract.

          While other mobile phone carriers will work, customer feedback is that you may find it easier if you choose a mobile phone company that allows online checking of the SIM card balance if you are using a PAYG plan, such as Vodafone:

          Please be sure to check that the mobile phone carrier you use has good signal in your area.