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      GV Health Urine and Vomit Spill Kit - For 6 Spills

          GV Health Urine & Vomit Spill Kit - 6 Biohazard Spills

          The Urine and Vomit Spill Kit is designed for the safe clean up and disinfection of 6 spillages of urine or vomit. The kit provides all required PPE and specialist products including GV Absorbent Granules and GV Biocide Spray to ensure best practice removal and disinfection of a spill. GV Health's Absorbent Granules are safe to use on acidic spills and have a high absorbency to mass ratio with 250g absorbing up to 17 litres of liquid. GV Absorbent Granules ensure easy collection and removal of a urine or vomit spill and contain Triclosan an organic anti-bacterial agent.

          GV Health's Biocide Spray further disinfects while also removing any residual odour where urine or vomit spills have occurred. The spray can be used on hard and soft surfaces. It is naturally occurring and non-toxic, comprising: non-pathogenic bacterial cultures, biodegradable surfactant, biodegradable solvent, opacifier and fragrance. 

          Kit Contains 

          1 x 250g shaker of GV Absorbent Granules 

          1 x 250ml Biocide Spray

          6 x pairs of nitrile gloves

          6 x packs of disinfectant surface wipes

          6 x scoops and scrapers

          6 x clinical waste bags

          6 x aprons 

          1 x instruction poster 

          1 x wall bracket

          1 x refillable blue hard case

          All GV Health packs and kits meet the highest standards for cleaning, hygiene and infection prevention specified by the World Health Organisation, the UK Health and Safety Executive and Department of Health.

          Product Code: MJZ020

          Pack Size: 1

          Price: £39.99     Free UK P&P