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      Sutherland Vent Hair Brush Pack of 12

          The Sutherland Vent Hair Brush has a vented base which helps to speed up the blow drying process by letting warm air pass through the brush. The brush features round-ended bristles heads that untangle hair with ease and gently massages the scalp. Sutherland Vent hair Brushes are avaliable in assorted colours including black, brown, blue, orange, yellow, green and pink.

          The brush is suitable for medium to long hair and all hair styles. Its compact size makes it ideal for travelling and fits perfectly into handbags. The brush also features a contoured handle for extra grip. Sutherland Vent Hair Brushes are perfect for the hair, beauty and hospitality industries as well as for personal use. Sutherland Vent Hair Brushes are currently used in hospitals and care homes around the UK.

          Product Code: 1045

          Pack Size: 12 

          Price: £10.07    Free P&P to UK Mainland