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      Vertical Bed Lifter with Memaflex Mattress

          This high quality mechanism attaches to the bed surround and lifts the entire assembly vertically to a maximum height of 41" (including mattress). Four locable heavy duty castors enable ease of movement and ensure that the 5" gap for hoist access is maintained. Gas springs assist in the smooth operation of the mechanism during raising and lowering. Available in widths from 3'0" to 4'6".

          Advance Cover Technology

          The Memaflex Advance mattress is fully encased in an advanced outer cover material; constructed of a denser interlock knit polyurethane fabric, it provides greater weld strength and improved durability during general use. These features combine to enhance the cover’s resistance to fluid ingress and reduce its susceptibility to damage.


          Pressure Area Care

          The Memaflex Advance pressure reducing mattress features a high density visco-elastic foam surface, ideal for delivering exceptional patient comfort and a high degree of pressure reduction.

          The temperature sensitive foam conforms to the individual’s shape, creating a greater body contact area and effective pressure redistribution.

          Proven Patient Outcomes

          Minimised peak pressures – visco-elastic foam conforms to the body, helping to reduce pressure around the most vulnerable bony prominences

          Optimum pressure reduction – high specification foam contributes to an effective pressure ulcer prevention plan

          Encouraged skin integrity – internal air channels in the foam’s surface help to reduce the build up of heat and moisture on the skin

          Reduced shear and friction forces – smooth multi-stretch cover allows the patient to glide over the surface of the mattress

          Enhanced patient positioning – individually castellated cells conform independently, allowing the mattress to profile effectively

          Infection Prevention   

          Waterproof, vapour permeable cover can be easily wiped clean

          High frequency welded seams reduce the risk of fluid ingress

          Zip is protected by a double sided, full length welded flap

          Cover can be removed and laundered at 80ºC