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      Telecare24 Careline Alarm with Fall Sensor

          A Fall Sensor works in exactly the same way as a pendant with an added feature. The inbuilt accelerometer will detect that you have fallen and will automatically raise an emergency call to our care team..

          The fall sensor also has a small button that can be pressed to summon help if you need assistance and can be worn on the wrist. As with our standard pendant, it will work anywhere around your home or garden and has a range of up to 200m. 

          Once our care team receive the alert, they will know that your Fall Sensor has activated the call and will immediate arrange to get you the most appropriate help. Whist not preventing a fall, a Fall Sensor can ultimately help in getting assistance faster, reduce the time you could be left on the floor alone and hopefully reduces the costs involved in aftercare. 

          You don’t have to worry if it’s a false alarm, the in built delay enables you to cancel the emergency call within a few seconds.  

          Price shown is for 12 months and includes initial fee. We don't tie you into a contract so you can return the equipment whenever you want. Terms and Conditions apply.