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      Assessment Services

          As a company, we ensure a client-centred approach throughout our wide range of assessment services in order to meet with each individual's needs. We fully understand that any form of assessment must be approached in a sensitive manner - from start to finish - and all our staff are trained to put clients at ease by treating them with the respect they deserve. We also take our time to reassure clients and explain everything in detail because we completely appreciate that an assessment situation may be unfamiliar to some people, causing anxiety and/or nervousness.

          It is also essential that we create and provide the right environment for our clients and our healthcare professionals. TICCS ensures that assessments take place in appropriate venues, laid out in a way to make the client as comfortable as possible.  

          Following a TICCS assessment, a high quality, accurate report will be produced to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service.

          If you would like further information about our assessment services, please contact us.