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      Family Behaviour Management Programme

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          The Family Behaviour Management Programme aims to provide specialised services to children who display problem behaviours in home, school and community settings.

          The programme consists of the two main components: 

          1) An integrated approach to train family members in order they can assist their child with their behaviour problems at all times in their life.

          2) Behavioural Intervention and Education Programmes specific to their child’s needs.

          The Programme provides services to children and young adults who display a variety of behaviour problems, such as noncompliance, elopement, toileting and sleep concerns, aggression, 

          self-injury, pica or disruptive behaviours that interfere with a child’s participation in home, school and community activities. 

          In the Family Behaviour Management Programme, we work closely with the parents and others in a child’s life to determine the cause(s) of problem behaviours and use these analysis 

          results to design individually tailored treatment plans for each child.

          The Family Behaviour Management Programme offers outpatient services (in home and/or school settings) including:

          . Initial and On-going Assessments

          . Parent Training Programme

          . Behaviour Management Programme (For parents)

          . Consultation for the Teacher and Carer

          . Individualised Programme Design and Treatment Plans