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      Paediatric Feeding Disorders Programme for Children and Young People

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          The Eating Disorders Treatment Programmes at Learn 2 Learn Eating Disorders Clinic is the UK’s first facility that provides eating disorders treatments based on behavioural (ABA) principles. 

          The Clinic offers empirically supported intensive and partial outpatient treatment under the Paediatric Feeding Disorders Programme:

          The Paediatric Feeding Disorders Programme provides interdisciplinary assessment and behaviours treatment for children and young people between eight months and 

          up to age 21 with feeding disorders. 

          There are many things that need to be considered while looking at child’s autism in relation to their eating behaviours. These may include: 

          Bowel issues; dental issues; are food presented taken away when they cry; do they seem to register the feeling of being full or hungry; visually, do they ever respond violently to certain smells; 

          are they adverse to foods, touching other foods; do they like certain temperatures; do they only eat certain foods; extensive choking, gagging, or coughing; are there some foods they won’t eat;

          tantrums during food presentation; Packing, holding the bite prolong time and not swallowing; expulsion, for instance crying and spiting; pushing away a drink of bite; 

          are there any unusual health problems; and constant vomiting after each bite.