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      Parents Training as ABA Therapists Programme (PTAT)

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          The Learn 2 Learn Clinic pioneered PTAT (Parents Training as ABA Therapists) Programme in 2012. The programme provides parents’ direct involvement in treatment sessions 

          and therefore is a very efficient and cost effective programme.

          Under this programme we provide both services:

          1.   Behavioural Intervention and Education (ABA) Programme: 

          We design ABA treatment programme tailored to meet the child’s specific needs to teach academic, receptive and expressive language, self-help, social, communication and life skills.

          2.   PTAT Programme: Once an effective ABA treatment programme is developed, parents, siblings and/or carers are trained on how to use it.

          Our highly specialised Parent Training Programme (PTAT) is neither “a general” nor “an introductory” programme. It is our training for parents as ABA Therapists and is designed and 

          implemented specifically for the parents to work on their own children’s ABA programme. Siblings and carers can also be trained as ABA Therapists to implement the programme.

          The programme is designed and parents are trained in line with their child’s ABA programme and the child’s specific needs in order to make the most effective use of parents’ time 

          and budgets. Parents are trained by the consultant step by step with simple instructions at regular workshops as the ABA programme of their child moves on. The consultant explains 

          each programme in detail, and exhibits and gives one-to-one training to parents about the implementation of each programme so that parents can start teaching in weekly therapy sessions. 

          It is highly recommended and proved to be effective when parents provide some teaching in addition to that provided by professional ABA therapist(s).