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      Severe Behaviour Disorder Programme

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          Severe Behaviour Disorder Programme is to provide a variety of treatment options for children and young adults with developmental disabilities who display destructive behaviours.

          Referral concerns include:

          §  Hurting Others (Aggression) 

          §  Destructive and dangerous behaviour

          §  Running Away (Elopement)

          §  Hitting oneself with hands or other body parts, head-banging, biting (Self-injurious behaviour)

          §  Pica (eating non-food items)

          §  Noncompliance

          The goals of services provided by the Learn 2 Learn Clinic are to:

          §  Understand why the problem behaviour(s) is occurring. During therapy sessions, techniques are used to identify environmental variables that may be contributing to the behaviour problem.

          §  Develop a treatment plan in order to increase appropriate behaviours and reduce problem behaviours. 

          §  Work with parents/siblings and carers to integrate treatment plan into the home and community settings

          Learn 2 Learn Clinic is one of a few programme providers in the UK with the specialised expertise to help parents and local authorities to create a physical facility such as padded treatment 

          rooms with one-way observation windows in home setting for the patient, and with highly trained staff and sufficient expertise to assess and treat severe problem behaviour 

          in an intensive context.