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      Young Adult Behavioural Interventions and Education Programme

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          Research indicates that the most significant gains have been recorded in those starting treatment at a young age; however older children and young adults who have started at a later age 

          have also made significant progress.

          A number of recent studies acknowledge that ABA procedures are effective for building important life and employment skills in high-functioning teens and adults with autism.

          We provide highly specialised services to young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities. Our comprehensive programme for adults applies ABA procedures to help them 

          transition successfully into independent living and employment.

          In the Young Adult Behaviour Intervention and Education Programme, our behaviour consultants work closely with the parents and others in a young adult’s life to determine the cause(s) of

          problem behaviours and use this analysis to design highly individualized treatments plans.

          Our programme aims to reduce stereotypical behaviours such making a loud sound and foot stamping etc.

          We promote:Independent Functioning, Concentration Skills,  Self-Training, Social Participation,  Work Skills, Vocational skills, Personal Care, Hygiene and Grooming.