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      Park Lodge Care Home

          Park Lodge provides activities that respond to each individual patient and their needs, providing both group care and one-to-one care based on the requirements, which cater to both mental and physical health.

          Some examples of these activities are weekly chair exercise, a reminiscence museum and musical therapy.

          Reminiscence on Fridays:
          uses the aid of the weekly Sparkle, the Park Lodge reminiscence paper. We have stimulated some of the dementia residents to recall the things they have done in the past or remember people, places and events that are the featured topics on the paper.
          Chair exercises:
          are being conducted on Tuesdays by a PE instructor who has prepared a special chair aerobics for the residents. These exercises are being performed while the residents are in comfortable chairs and mainly getting hands and legs working.
          The use of music:
          is used to recall past memories. Musical bingo on Saturdays and a musical quiz at least once a week are also a much enjoyed activity. In addition to the musical quizzes there are sing-a-longs as a form of music therapy.