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      Learning Disability services

          Below are some examples of the specialist support we can offer:

          • A variety of communication support systems and tools, making sure all staff know how each person prefers to communicate
          • An understanding of the importance of routine to many individuals
          • Experience of supporting people to manage and reduce behaviours that challenge
          • Staff training tailored to the needs of people they work with
          • Monitoring of patterns and trends of anxiety to predict periods of time or situations when an individual may need extra support
          • Opportunities for everyone to build independence, make choices and express their personality
          • A low stimulus environment designed with sensory needs in mind
          • TEACCH to offer structure and consistency, with person centred approaches used when creating schedules
          • A wide sensory diet that can be used to tighten scheduling systems, helping to manage behaviours that may be challenging and promote self-management.
          • Being part of the local community - building confidence and self-esteem and offering opportunities to deal with change in a manageable way, if people wish