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      Handyperson Service

          Our Handyperson Service undertakes smaller repairs and home improvement jobs.

          Our Handypersons are trained Trusted Assessors which means they can propose minor adaptations when undertaking free Home Saftey Checks. Contact us on 0300 323 0700 to arrange a free Home Safety Check.
          Theses are just some of the jobs we can help you with :
            >  clearing and unblocking gutters
           >  fixing a toilet that won’t flush
            >  fitting grab rails and hand rails inside and outside your home
            >  fitting shelves and assembling flat-pack furniture
            >  mending dripping taps
            >  improving your security, repairing locks, even gaining access if you lose keys
            >  repairing/replacing curtain rails and blinds
            >  replacing internal light bulbs
          All labour charges are subsidised and are pitched to be affordable; there is no charge for some safety work. We do not provide an emergency service but we aim to provide a response time of five days or less for more urgent repairs (and up to three weeks for other jobs).
          Our Handyperson service operates across Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and North Somerset.
          In South Gloucestershire the Handyperson Service is delivered by South Gloucestershire Council’s own Handy Van Service. Please note that eligibility and charges are likely to vary from WE Care & Repairs. To request South Gloucestershire’s Handy Van service please call them direct on 01454 863857.