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      Housing Options Service
          The Housing Options Service helps you to find the most suitable place to live. It may be possible to improve your current home so you can stay where you are.  Or you might think alternative accommodation is better, in which case we can help you to decide what to do next.  Our priority is to help you understand all of your options and reach the right decision.
          Housing decisions can be complicated and we try to make sure you have what you need – including not only advice but practical support too.  If you think you might need more suitable accommodation then talk to us first.
          For example, we can arrange:
            >  a visit to you at home to talk things through
            >  advice on all of your options including:
                  -  staying where you are
                  -  buying or renting
                  -  moving to retirement housing
                  -  choosing residential or nursing home care
            >  help with forms and paperwork
            >  transport and support when you view properties
            >  help & support through the whole process, until you are settled into your new      home;
            >  advice on getting help from other services.
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          WE Care & Repair’s Housing Options Service is delivered in partnership with EAC FirstStop Advice.
          EAC FirstStop Advice provides free, independent and impartial housing and care options advice for older people, their families and carers and associated professionals. It aims to enable people get the help or care they need to live as independently and comfortably as possible.
          FirstStop Advice is delivered by Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) in partnership with local agencies, Age UK, Foundations and Care & Repair England. The national service is part funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.  
          FirstStop Advice can be accessed in a number of different ways:
          •Web site:
          •National advice line: 0800 377 7070 (From mobiles: +44 203519 6002)
          •E-mail: [email protected]
          •Through WE Care & Repair's Housing Options Service
          WE Care & Repair's Housing Options Advice Service is partly funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.