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      Leaving hospital

          Many people need practical support in their home when they are discharged from hospital, ranging from minor repairs and adaptations to larger projects.

          WE Care & Repair aims to help you back into your home as smoothly as possible, We also help prevent further risks to your health and safety, such as future falls and slips. We can help by:

            >  fitting a key safe outside your home, so relatives and carers can visit easily

            >  replacing outside steps with ramps

           >  fitting stair and hand rails

            >  providing heating, hot water or other essential repairs or adaptations.

           >  moving beds downstairs

          Read about the impact of our Hospital Discharge programme through the evalutation carried out by Sheila Mackintosh of Mackintosh O’Connor Associates a consultancy that specialises in work relating to home improvement agencies, home adaptations and the interface between health, housing and social care.