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PHBChoices makes it easy for Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders to manage their budgets and find the products, people and services from suppliers like you, that can make a difference to living life well with a disability or condition of poor health.

To use this site:

  • You must register to create a User id and Password for your organisation
  • Each Clinical Commissioning Group covers a distinct region and will approve you individually to provide goods or services to end users in their region.

What benefits will PHBChoices bring you?

  • Online access to PHB holders who are potential customers. As funds transfer from central procurement to individuals purchasing their own care, this will be key to ensuring you have access to this market
  • An online Control Centre where you can manage all your company, product and order details
  • A free e-commerce website which can be used to showcase your products
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Fast online payments direct to your bank account
  • Competitive transaction costs
  • Sales history reports
  • The potential to publish your products and services to other online marketplaces

To register please click on the button below and follow the steps.